Peace of Mind-Our Security

Safety and atmosphere were important to us when we designed Firm Foundations.  We want to make sure that every parent and child feels secure and comfortable.  Our building is equipped with fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and a burglar alarm.    Safety begins the moment you step into our foyer.  In order to access the schools’ interior classroom area, everyone must first participate in a “fingerprint scan” located inside the foyer.  You and the people you permanently authorize to pick up your child, after verification of their identification, will be entered into our computerized fingerprint scan security system during the enrollment process or at any time after your child begins, pending your written authorization.  Only after someone’s fingerprint has been correctly identified will that person be allowed to enter the interior hallways.  Once inside, you’ll find only students, staff, parents and other authorized adults are permitted to enter our classrooms during regular school hours.

If a medical or any other type of emergency occurs, including the need to evacuate the building, we will take whatever steps are required.  We will call 911 to obtain an appropriate and expeditious response to the situation.  Parents will always be contacted as quickly as possible and be advised/consulted of the plan.  Please make sure your child’s registration information is up to date at all times.  It is extremely important we have your and all your emergency contacts’ current home, work and cellular phone numbers.  It’s important to us to take proactive steps to protect your child’s well-being at all times, but from time to time, accidents do occur.  All injuries will be documented carefully and you will be fully informed.